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Used Ampeg SVT Classic
Used Ampeg SVT Classic
Sale price$1,395.00
Ca. 1980 Ampeg SVT 8x10 Bass CabinetCa. 1980 Ampeg SVT 8x10 Bass Cabinet
ca. 1991 Bedrock BC-75  2x12 Comboca. 1991 Bedrock BC-75  2x12 Combo
Ca. 2000 Ampeg SVT-4 ProCa. 2000 Ampeg SVT-4 Pro
Ca. 2000 Ampeg SVT-4 Pro
Sale price$895.00
Used Avatar 1x12 cabinetUsed Avatar 1x12 cabinet
Used Avatar 1x12 cabinet
Sale price$350.00
Vintage Dynakit ST-70
Vintage Dynakit ST-70
Sale price$695.00
Ca. 1965 Selmer Thunderbird Twin Fifty
1950’s Knight PA Conversion1950’s Knight PA Conversion
1950’s Knight PA Conversion
Sale price$495.00
Operadio front panel with 3 knobs and on and off switch- front view.Operadio front panel close up of dials and power switchd on
1950’s Precision Electronics S35 PA Head
CA. 1965 Airline Thunderbolt, model 62-9020A
CA. 1965 Klemt Echolette Showstar LS40L
1950’s Knight PA/Guitar Amp Conversion
Used Gallien-Krueger MLS112Used Gallien-Krueger MLS112
Used Gallien-Krueger MLS112
Sale price$499.00
Newcomb PA head, silver with dial windows, front view
1940’s Newcomb PA KK-6
Sale price$695.00

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