12/07/23 Indigo Fuzz / Sabbath Warlock / Mighty High / Abstract Artimus

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Doors at 8pm

8:30 Abstract Artimus

is an American music composer and performer from Alabama currently living in Brooklyn, NY. His high energy shows and memorable guitar riffs have earned a reputation after years of touring in support of several full length releases. In his youth his father was the drummer for the Jimmie Van Zant Band (cousin of Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd) which allowed Artimus to mature around some of the most prolific Southern Rock musicians of all time. In 2015 he released 'The City Arrives' on the largest independent record label in Spain, Subterfuge Records.  He most recently released "Methuselah's Rhyme" featuring J.D. Pinkus from Butthole Surfers and Melvins and is currently recording new music with longtime Guided By Voices producer Travis Harrison.


9:15 Mighty High

Do you want indie rock or do you want truth?

Mighty High is Brooklyn's #1 regressive rock act & has proudly worn that crown since they were deformed 20+ years ago. Jackhammer rhythms & a ferocious twin axe attack deliver no nonsense boogie to the rowdy headbangers in the front row. If you like mellow intros, keyboards & acoustical guitars you're shit out of luck, Jack.


10:00 Sabbath Warlock

For those who hunger for it heavy with a craving for proto-metal, doom and stoner. Wicked music said to “mix elements of heavy rock tinted with a little NWOBHM”. Doomsayer warnings for all humanity guaranteed to awaken spirits. Sabbath Warlock is celebrating the release of their 3rd EP,  "Fast Radio Bursts” 


10:45 Indigo Fuzz

Swinging between halcyon and incendiary, Indigo Fuzz is a power trio that nods to the esoterica of proto-metal, desert rock, acid blues, and baroque-folk raga. Proudly wielding their arsenal of groove, choogle, drone, and blistering break neck freak-outs, the mood that succinctly defines Indigo Fuzz is loud, lean, and riff-laden. Through stereo speakers or in concert, the band is an imposing machine of inventive sound.








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