Redeemer Electric Labs 1970's Radio Guitar Amp

Sale price$300.00


This 1970's radio features warm analogue sound that isn’t only a radio, but doubles as a guitar amp! Simply flick the switch to Guitar or AM will swap to the according. Now you can enjoy some talk radio and jam out some unique tones that are your own. This build features a three prong cord to modernize and protect this amp in soft white cloth.

• All of our products/mods use Mogami cabling known for its clean & balanced output and low noise
• All of our products/mods use Luthier's favorite Switchcraft jacks for superior durability
• This build features a three prong soft-cloth power cord
• This build features the AM and Guitar channel selection via a switch on the back
• All inputs and features are labeled for ease of use
• All tone and volume and boost features of the actual radio work WITH the guitar input so you can boost you signal or dial back some high's through the analog circuitry of a vintage radio

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