Ca. 1965 Danelectro DM25

Sale price$750.00


This amp circuit is certainly "Vox flavored"- The 7189 power tubes are equivalent to el84’s and can even be swapped for el84’s. This could be a nice little selling point. “Poor man’s vox” kinda thing... Also, the amp is not hard wired, although it does use a proprietary jack.
This lightweight 25W Danelectro Head and cab is in good condition for its age but shows some wear on the corners of the head and a patch of unthreaded grill cloth- also some exposed wood on the right side of the cab. The head is connected to the cab via a proprietary speaker cable and has been upgraded with a 3-prong power line and fits in the back of the cab for easy transportation and storage. This little gem is freshly out of our repair shop and ready for stage or studio!

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