Ca. 2007 Vox AC30CCH Custom Classic Head

Sale price$750.00


In very good cosmetic condition this head has been upgraded by psionic audio in Memphis, TN to bring the head closer to JMI specifications, improving tone and reliability. 

Upgrades as follows:

 Circuit to 1964 JMI specs

Audio resistors to 1W Metal Films

Power Resistors to 1W or higher metal films/metal oxides

Signal Path capacitors with sozo and silver mica capacitors (JMI Appropriate)

Screen and Grid Resistors on the power tubes to run modern EL84s at a slightly lower current for longer tube life and less heat (no audible change)

Overall EQ, making the amp less bright and more pedal friendly- applies to both channels.

Upgraded the effects loop so no low end is lost as is common with these amps.

This sale includes a quilted head cover.

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