Redeemer Electric Labs Rare Passport Portable Radio / Practice Guitar Amp

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This rare 1970’s Passport Portable radio has been fully restored! Its new antenna brings back the signal strength and clarity of the AM/FM spectrum. All of pots have been fully cleaned getting rid of decades of distortion and signal shorts, bringing back its Tone and Volume knobs into their silent and smooth glory! As with all our vintage Radio’s, we have modded it to have a Guitar jack input and Signal Selection Switch on the back for easy switching between Radio and Guitar!

The Guitar sound is warm, distorts naturally with the right pickups and playing style, lots of presence in the upper mid-range with less presence in the harsh upper range. For Mix Engineers this can be your secret weapon in bringing together guitars in a mix or anything that needs that cut-through presence, we utilize the circuitry of these radios instead of cutting the signal path out and going straight to the speaker so what you hear are the parts giving the tone character and body. Because this Radio is a Portable radio, we’re including C-type Batteries so you can take your jam session on the go, perfect for the buskers of the world to get their performance on without the hassle of needing power near by.

  • All of our builds feature pushback cloth wire, superior grounding, Switchcraft jacks for long lasting firm Guitar inserts.

  • This build has a new antenna added, Pots restored, and C-type Batteries included.

  • Guitar Jack Insert, Switch For Signal, Headphone jack, Portable Batteries.

  • Makes use of the TI-044 T0-016 transformer

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