Whipple Dandy Job 6V6 Amp with Ceramic Speaker

Sale price$1,200.00


The Dandy Job 6V6 amp is a crest of righteous guitar tone.

It rules with the authority of focused golden headroom, warm sunlight, and elevated musical touch-sensitive expression. This amp overcasts rainy-day-go-away sweet overdrive seamlessly, just don’t stand in a puddle. Pedal-ready and ready to pedal with the pedal to the metal.

In a practical working-musician 1×12 combo format the Dandy Job 6V6 Amp provides the right amount of stage-ready volume and punch for any club.

There is no mystery how to work this amp with the simple and effective Volume, Treble, and Bass tone controls; powerful and intuitive.

Topped off with heirloom handmade build quality, the Dandy Job 6V6 amp will be making music for lifetimes to come. All tube circuitry and built on solid finger joined pine cabinetry. The 6V6 amp is covered with black tolex and oxblood grill cloth.

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