Balls Neutron Vibrato

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Here comes the swirly pulsations of the Neutron. The Neutron is kind of like a cross between a true, pitch-shifting vibrato and a volume modulating tremolo. Its not a chorus-y sound, and not straight up-and-down volume swells…its kind of doing its own thing. Its wobbly, its swampy, and its fun. The Neutron modulates pitch and volume for a fantastic vibrato voyage. The oscillator is set up for a wide sweep of speeds, from super fast ray-gun like warble to sloowww ambling pulses of pitch shift.

Like all of the Balls offerings the controls are kept simple. The Depth control adjusts how much of the pulsing you hear, and the Rate control adjusts the speed of the oscillations.  As with all Balls effects, the Oscillationist is hand wired in Brooklyn NY, with true bypass switching, high quality components and craftsmanship in a die-cast enclosure and a powder coated finish.

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