**Currently servicing professional and vintage keyboards, but we are unable to work on any consumer level digital pianos/keyboards other than Korg (Yamaha, Casio etc.) at this time due to supply chain issues. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.**


 We do work on We do not work on
  • Vintage Synthesizers
  • Combo Organs (Longer Turnaround)
  • Guitar Pedals
  • Digital Pianos
  • Vintage Rhythm Machines
  • Rack Mount Gear
  • Pro Audio (studio gear)
  • More
    • Solid State Amps and Powered Speakers.
    • Electric Pianos (Rhodes & Wurlitzer)
    • Hammond Organs
    • Pump/Air organs
    • Tape Echos
    • Post 90's Moog Products
    • Mixers
    • Microphones
    • Headphones
    • Multitrack recorders
    We encourage you to email us before you bring in your instruments.

    Contact Us

    Takeshi Kawana Vintage Synths, Vintage Rhythm Machines, Pro Audio (studio gear), etc.
    Jun Takeshita Combo Organs, Vintage Synths, Pedals, etc.
    We will assess your gear and give you an accurate estimate based on our hourly rate.

    Keyboards, Synths, Rack Mount Gear, etc.

    This includes anything that is not a small guitar pedal.

    Hourly Rate: $110
    Deposit: $50*
    Minimum Charge: $110
    Rush Service: $150/hour

    Guitar Pedals

    Hourly Rate: $110
    Deposit: $25*
    Minimum Charge: $55
    Rush Service: $150/hour
    *All deposits are non-refundable.