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1979 Rhodes Mk. II Stage Piano1979 Rhodes Mk. II Stage Piano
1979 Rhodes Mk. II Stage Piano
Sale price$4,495.00
1970's Impakt Drum Synthesizer1970's Impakt Drum Synthesizer
1970's Impakt Drum Synthesizer
Sale price$275.00
1956 Wurlitzer 1121956 Wurlitzer 112
1956 Wurlitzer 112
Sale price$4,500.00
1970's Korg CX-3 Organ1970's Korg CX-3 Organ
1970's Korg CX-3 Organ
Sale price$950.00
1970s Farfisa Professional Duo1970s Farfisa Professional Duo
1970s Farfisa Professional Duo
Sale price$2,195.00
Used Moog Minimoog VoyagerUsed Moog Minimoog Voyager
Used Moog Minimoog Voyager
Sale price$3,995.00
ca. 1970 Farfisa VIP 255ca. 1970 Farfisa VIP 255
ca. 1970 Farfisa VIP 255
Sale price$1,995.00
1980's Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station1980's Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station
Used Nord Grand Kawai Hammer ActionUsed Nord Grand Kawai Hammer Action
Ca. 2000 Korg Triton with USB Storage Upgrade
1960's Fender Contempo1960's Fender Contempo
1960's Fender Contempo
Sale price$1,795.00
1960's Vox Continental1960's Vox Continental
1960's Vox Continental
Sale price$3,495.00
Used Moog MiniMoog VoyagerUsed Moog MiniMoog Voyager
Used Moog MiniMoog Voyager
Sale price$3,995.00
1970's Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly Piano1970's Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly Piano
1970's Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly Piano
Sale price$4,595.00 Regular price$4,995.00
1980's Alesis HR-16 16-Bit Drum Machine1980's Alesis HR-16 16-Bit Drum Machine
1980's Tama Techstar TS 2041980's Tama Techstar TS 204
1980's Tama Techstar TS 204
Sale price$150.00
Used Akai MPC 5000Used Akai MPC 5000
Used Akai MPC 5000
Sale price$950.00
Used Moog One - 16 Voice Polyphonic SynthUsed Moog One - 16 Voice Polyphonic Synth
Used Korg Arp 2600 Full Size Reissue
1986 360 Systems Midi-Bass1986 360 Systems Midi-Bass
1986 360 Systems Midi-Bass
Sale price$195.00
1960's Hohner Bass Keyboard1960's Hohner Bass Keyboard
1960's Hohner Bass Keyboard
Sale price$760.75 Regular price$895.00
1960's FBT Student Combo Organ1960's FBT Student Combo Organ
1960's FBT Student Combo Organ
Sale price$795.00
1970's Yamaha YC-25D1970's Yamaha YC-25D
1970's Yamaha YC-25D
Sale price$1,495.00
1970's Farfisa VIP 600
1970's Farfisa VIP 600
Sale price$3,795.00

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