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1960's Harmony 5-String Banjo1960's Harmony 5-String Banjo
1960's Harmony 5-String Banjo
Sale price$380.00
Used Musikalia BouzoukiUsed Musikalia Bouzouki
Used Musikalia Bouzouki
Sale price$295.00
1960's Harmony Tenor Banjo1960's Harmony Tenor Banjo
1960's Harmony Tenor Banjo
Sale price$350.00
Vintage FiddleVintage Fiddle
Vintage Fiddle
Sale price$280.00
1930's Gibson TB Tenor Banjo1930's Gibson TB Tenor Banjo
1930's Gibson TB Tenor Banjo
Sale price$980.00
ca. 1930 Weymann A-style Mandolinca. 1930 Weymann A-style Mandolin
ca. 1910 Perretti Mandolinca. 1910 Perretti Mandolin
ca. 1910 Perretti Mandolin
Sale price$350.00
Used Oakwood Custom SG-Style BazoukiUsed Oakwood Custom SG-Style Bazouki
Ca. 1910 Marcelli Bowlback MandolinCa. 1910 Marcelli Bowlback Mandolin
1940's Santacilla E-Style Mandolin1940's Santacilla E-Style Mandolin
1950's Kay A-Style Mandolin1950's Kay A-Style Mandolin
1950's Kay A-Style Mandolin
Sale price$280.00
1940's Bruno E style Mandolin1940's Bruno E style Mandolin
1940's Bruno E style Mandolin
Sale price$280.00
Ca.1972 Gibson UKE-1 Soprano UkuleleCa.1972 Gibson UKE-1 Soprano Ukulele
Ca. 1940 Regal Penant Soprano UkuleleCa. 1940 Regal Penant Soprano Ukulele
1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele
1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele
Sale price$250.00
1930's Stella soprano banjolele1930's Stella soprano banjolele
1960's Kent Tenor Banjo
1960's Kent Tenor Banjo
Sale price$275.00
Vintage Regal Soprano Ukulele
Vintage Regal Soprano Ukulele
Sale price$250.00
Banjolele with resonator and perloid headstock, verticle
1920’s Banjolele (resonator)
Sale price$340.00
Vintage No-Name BanjoleleVintage No-Name Banjolele
Vintage No-Name Banjolele
Sale price$340.00
Image Available Upon Request
1950's Gretsch Uke
Sale price$260.00
ca. 1920s Ukulele
ca. 1920s Ukulele
Sale price$300.00
Banjo top and natural wood bottom edge, horizontal

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