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Electric Strings, Elixir, 10-46, Front of Package
Electric Strings, Elixir, 11-49, Front of Package
Electric Strings, Elixir, 12-52, Front of Package
Acoustic Strings, Elixir, 12-53, Front of Package
Acoustic Strings, Elixir, 13-56, Front of Package
1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele
1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele
Sale price$250.00
1920's Open Back Banjolin1920's Open Back Banjolin
1920's Open Back Banjolin
Sale price$450.00
Banjolele with resonator and perloid headstock, verticle
1920’s Banjolele (resonator)
Sale price$340.00
Banjo top and natural wood bottom edge, horizontal
1930's Herringbone closed back Banjolin with F-holes1930's Herringbone closed back Banjolin with F-holes
1940's Santacilla E-Style Mandolin1940's Santacilla E-Style Mandolin
1940's Strad-O-Lin Mandolin1940's Strad-O-Lin Mandolin
1940's Strad-O-Lin Mandolin
Sale price$350.00
Newcomb PA head, silver with dial windows, front view
1940’s Newcomb PA KK-6
Sale price$695.00
Operadio front panel with 3 knobs and on and off switch- front view.Operadio front panel close up of dials and power switchd on
Image Available Upon Request
1950's Gretsch Uke
Sale price$260.00
1950's Supertone green soprano ukulele1950's Supertone green soprano ukulele
1950’s Bell Carrilon 35 PA Head1950’s Bell Carrilon 35 PA Head
1950’s Knight PA Conversion1950’s Knight PA Conversion
1950’s Knight PA Conversion
Sale price$495.00
1950’s Knight PA/Guitar Amp Conversion
1950’s Precision Electronics S35 PA Head
1959 Premier Model 1101959 Premier Model 110
1959 Premier Model 110
Sale price$750.00
1960 Airline Town & Country1960 Airline Town & Country
1960 Airline Town & Country
Sale price$995.00
1960's Airline L80711960's Airline L8071
1960's Airline L8071
Sale price$550.00

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