Yellowcake Fried Gold

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The Fried Gold by Yellowcake is a versatile overdrive-style pedal that gives everything from mild overdrive—to blown out, amp frying fuzz.


Yellowcake did a great job of finding a great compliment to the front end of any tube amp. The subtle nuances added by the pedal’s “TINT” knob allow the player to add mild bits of response to your setting. “GAIN” takes you through the pedal’s wide range of tones—from mild overdrive to blown-out fuzz. “LEVEL” controls output volume. The Fried Gold is the type a pedal that gives you two opposite ends of the distortion spectrum—and good sounding versions of each. Can’t make up your mind if you need full blown fuzz or mild overdrive? This one is for you.

  • Standard 9V adapter capability or 9V battery powered
  • ,
  • True bypass switching
  • ,
  • Powder-Coated UV printed enclosure
  • ,,

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