Balls Ambassador

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The Balls Ambassador is the newest edition to our little fuzz family.  This one started, like so many thing, by following a classic fuzz circuit and tweaking to taste. The sound is rich and saturated and aims to provide that singing chewy fuzz that we all know and love. Cleans up great just by tweaking the volume level on your guitar. The level of fuzz has been set high, and the Range control allows to for user-defined tonal variations. Set it all the way up and its the full deal bright and fizzy fuzz. Roll it back as needed to tame out some of the highs and bring in the low end. Its a subtle control, nothing huge, but it lets you trim the unit quite well to your application.

The transistors on board are a pair of BC107B silicon devices. These units are pedalboard friendly in size, use standard 9V power supplies, and feature an on/off LED.  This follows my usual blend of an old-school approach with modern technological equivalents to get the sound right and the job done in an efficient and user-friendly way.

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