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1964 Gibson B-25-121964 Gibson B-25-12
1964 Gibson B-25-12
Sale price$1,395.00
1968 Gibson ES-330TD1968 Gibson ES-330TD
1968 Gibson ES-330TD
Sale price$6,995.00
1965 Gibson Melody Maker 3/41965 Gibson Melody Maker 3/4
1965 Gibson Melody Maker 3/4
Sale price$1,195.00
1966 Fender Bass V1966 Fender Bass V
1966 Fender Bass V
Sale price$6,500.00
1967 Fender Coronado I Bass1967 Fender Coronado I Bass
1967 Fender Coronado I Bass
Sale price$3,500.00
1960's Tocar Classical Guitar
1960's Tocar Classical Guitar
Sale price$200.00
1965 Gibson SG Junior1965 Gibson SG Junior
1965 Gibson SG Junior
Sale price$4,850.00
1960's Kay Stratotone with Rubber Bridge1960's Kay Stratotone with Rubber Bridge
Ca. 1960 Harmony H162Ca. 1960 Harmony H162
Ca. 1960 Harmony H162
Sale price$495.00
1960s Hagstrom II1960s Hagstrom II
1960s Hagstrom II
Sale price$895.00
1969 Epiphone Cortez F-45 Sunburst1969 Epiphone Cortez F-45 Sunburst

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