1970 MOOG Minimoog Model D

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A fascinating piece of history, this is the third ever MiniMoog Model D (serial number 1003) to come out of the first round of production! It’s so early that it doesn’t have the wood bar across the top of the control panel. This shows an aesthetic similarity to the earlier Model C prototype. Another notable difference in these early MiniMoogs was the lack of pitch and modulation wheels, meaning this was sent back to the factory when that innovation came along. Electronically unique to this period are the fully discrete oscillators, they were found in only the first 1300 Model Ds produced. Though less stable, these oscillators are considered to have a very “alive” sound. This model also predates the scale trim potentiometer in the filter circuit. 

Another interesting factoid is that this Moog was produced in Trumansburg, NY, and predated Robert Moog’s full company move to Williamsville, NY. While there were still some innovations to come, these early Model Ds have SO MUCH character and remain immensely historically significant. Our technician has performed an electronic restoration without changing anything that would alter its classic sound. This particular synth was well used in it’s life, so we deliberately did not make any cosmetic changes. Its condition reflects and preserves its historic integrity. 

This Model D is a total museum piece, but is just as ready to lay down all the nasty grooves!

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