Main Drag Live, hosted by Jamie Frey, is a music and talk show featuring our local NYC music community. The first season, filmed on the Main Drag sales floor, gives a platform to dozens of musicians and benefits different local charities and non-profits in each episode. 

Episode Three: Alexander Orange Drink, Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands

This episode is promoting the Red Hook Art Project (RHAP), a non-profit organization that provides free visual art, music, academic and stress management instruction to children and youth who live in and around Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Alex Levine performs as Alexander Orange Drink and is a founding member of Brooklyn DIY band, The So So Glos since 2007.

Emma Pierson performs as Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands.

Jamie Frey and Sean Spada perform in the Brooklyn rock band, NO ICE.

1. You Get What You Give - New Radicals (0:00)
2. Teenage Angst Forever - Alexander Orange Drink (07:45)
3. Normalize - Alexander Orange Drink (12:57)
4. Living in the Future (The State of the World) - Alexander Orange Drink (20:28)
5. Born To Be With You - NO ICE (25:46)
6. My Apology - Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands (31:54)
7. Broken Shoes - Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands (38:35)
8. Monster - Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands(44:55)
9. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) - The Specials (51:26)


Episode Two: Jessica Ackerley, Kate Mohanty

This episode features avant-garde jazz saxophonist Kate Mohanty and experimental, rock and jazz guitarist and educator Jessica Ackerley, with special guest guitarist Lauren Levy.

This week we are promoting The Portland Freedom Fund, a volunteer-run abolitionist organization currently dedicated to reducing harms perpetuated against our Black, Brown and Indigenous neighbors by the criminal justice system through posting bail so they may navigate their case from a position of freedom.

Kate Mohanty is an avant-garde saxophonist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jessica Ackerley is a guitar player and music educator based in Oahu, HI.

Jamie Frey performs in the Brooklyn rock band, NO ICE.

1. Heroin - The Velvet Underground (0:00)
2. Improvisation 1 - Jessica Ackerley (10:30)
3. Improvisation 2 - Jessica Ackerley (18:29)
4. Blue Skies - Irving Berlin (24:05)
5. Improvisation 3 - Jessica Ackerley & Kate Mohanty (31:55)
6. Waiting For a Friend (feat. Lauren Levy) - The Rolling Stones (38:20)
7. Improvisation 4 - Kate Mohanty (42:59)


Episode One: Holly Overton, Mark Perro, MPHO

This episode is promoting Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, which provides sensitive, quality health care and related services targeted to New York’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities — in all their diversity — regardless of ability to pay. To further this mission, Callen-Lorde promotes health education and wellness, and advocates for LGBTQ health issues.

Mark Perro and Holly Overton perform as MPHO, a NY based-band. Mark Perro is a founding member of NY band The Men. Holly Overton is a painter and multidisciplinary artist and musician based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jamie Frey and Sean Spada perform in the Brooklyn rock band, NO ICE.

1. Instant Karma - John Lennon (0:00​)
2. Androgynous - The Replacements (03:52​)
3. No Breakfast With Andy - MPHO (9:23)
4. Morning Light - Holly Overton (15:10)
5. Silver Wings - Merle Haggard (20:55​)
6. Lost in a Dream - Mark Perro (26:41​)
7. Neutral Invader - MPHO (32:22)
8. Way Out West - MPHO (37:56)
9.Gates of Steel - Devo (42:27)
10.Dweeb - NO ICE(45:59)