1968 Coral Kilowatt Head with Ca.1970 Fender 4x12 Cabinet

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Hands down one of the coolest pieces we’ve had in recent memory. This loud AF and psychedelic rig came to us from our friend, musician, artist and Brooklyn native Larry Brancato - aka Larry B, aka Larry Guitars. Larry bought the head new at a Brooklyn music store back in ‘68/69 after blowing out two Fender Twins. A year or two later he upgraded the cab and replaced the original grill cloth with wire mesh and painted both the baffle and screen with dayglo colors to create a 3D effect under black light. The thousand watt head is working perfectly and we were afraid of putting it much past 3 as it seemed to be already stressing out the speakers - plus it was so loud it seems hard to imagine you’d need to make any louder….but you could. Black light and original slip cover for the head included. 

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