1982 Lel' - 22 Synthesizer

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Rare Soviet organ - piano 
Lel' - 22  ( this unit was build at 1986) 
Model design 1982.
Is a small-sized electronic musical instrument that can play soundings of the other instruments: electric piano, clavesin, classical and pop organs, banjo. Fully serviced and instelled Vitalka Custom midi retrofit and build in mains adapter to 120V.
 This portable, simple in control, inexpensive instrument has great musical possibilities. 
Keyboard's volume - 4 octaves 49 key
Adjusted registers - 8', 4', 2'(1), 2'(2)
Adjusted effects - phase vibrato, attack, sustain, glissando.
Glissando shifts musical range on an octave down. Registers become: 16',8',4'(1), 4'(2). Variants of attack, sustain is used to get some interesting sounds such as electric piano, organ, clavecin, banjo, celesta.
MIDI: C36-C84. Learn button, can remember previous writed channel.
The accuracy of temperament: %0,04
Mains voltage: 120V.
Dimensions: 970X300X100mm
Weight 12.5kG
Serial number:07678
Manufacturer - The Kalmykov Moscow SAM factory.

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