Balls Professor Light Drive

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Is it a very light drive? Is it a slightly dirty boost? The Professor straddles the line. Many very familiar overdrive circuits out there suffer from the issue of having too much overdrive for a lot of players and they get relegated to a very small section of the pedal’s operational range. There’s whole ranges of the gain dial that never get touched and only serve to limit the usability of the circuit. The Professor aims to offer an alternative for those who, when it comes to overdrive, think less is more. Its relatively clean, with smooth clipping and offers an excellent natural-sounding light overdrive. It can be set to be a completely transparent boost or turned up a bit to offer a little bit of grit and edge, responding excellently to pick attack.

The professor is built for standard 9V operation but will happily accept 18V power for those desiring a bit more headroom.

Couple of demos by the always excellent Kelly Doyle:

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