Balls Supercharger

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Here’s an octave fuzz that plays particularly well with bass guitar. Its based on an iconic fuzz circuit of the 1970s but with a few tweaks and modern adjustments. Notably a “Range” control which fades between octave clang on one end and a wooly mufflled fuzz sound on the other. It allows for dialing back the extreme ends of either sound and blending the two, but set if hard left or hard right and you have the two sounds of the original unit.,,Also very notable is the addition of a clean blend. A really common problem with using dirt pedals with bass is that they cut lower frequencies and your sound winds up getting lost amongst the guitars and cymbals etc. Thats where the clean blend comes in. Set all the way up the circuit behaves like normal but when you dial it back it rolls in more and more of your clean signal. This is crucial for bass guitar because it allows you to roll in just the right amount of your clean signal and preserve that low end so you dont get lost in the mix. .,,It sounds awesome with guitar, too. Use it alone and with the blend full-up and its like a great 1970's fuzz tone. Stack it with other dirt pedals and/or a dirty amp, though, and you can use the blend control to mix and match a whole ton of varied sounds.

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