Floating Forest Dream Eater DELUXE

Sale price$250.00


The Dream Eater Deluxe brings the same qualities of the original but with a couple more "Quality of life" additions. The Dream Eaters gain only knob throws a curveball at soundguys and is pretty polarizing at times and after listening to a couple "I would have bought it if it had a master volume" comments here it is. Simply tacking on a master did did terrible things to this circuit so after a couple of unorthodox design methods it's finally were it should be keeping the ordinal Dream Eater sound alive. Keeping bassists in mind I added a bass HEAVY notch filter switch on the left of the pedal. Last but not least is the incredibly cool graphic done by @dancurran13. Each pedals graphic is hand pressed using a linocut which gives each one a little extra character depending on how much ink is applied!

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