Korg Modwave

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Modwave delivers unique sounds and phrases quickly and easily thanks to deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters wildly flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and immediately satisfying hands-on control.

▪ Over 200 Wavetables to explore with up to 64 waveforms each – more than any wavetable synth – and over 230 million wavetable variations via modwave's modifier and morph features.

▪ Gigabytes of samples on board; blend with wavetables for even more possibilities.

▪ Two-oscillator structure ▪ Two-part multitimbral with key zoning for splitting/layering

▪ 32-note polyphonic; highest in its class by far. ▪ Sequencing with Timing, Pitch, Shape, variable loop points, randomization, and more.

▪ Motion sequencing 2.0 provides new levels of control over recording and editing phrases, along with fantastic randomization to spur more ideas.

▪ Dual arpeggiators

▪ Three effects per layer, plus master EQ and reverb

▪ Free software bundle, downloadable free editor

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