KORG OP-SIX FM Synthesizer

Sale price$749.99


  • Opsix makes FM easy by putting Operator editing controls and mixers at your fingertips
  • Altered FM breaks out of the 40 original FM algorithms
  • Lets you redefine the building blocks of FM sound
  • Puts classic FM sounds that you know alongside all-new sounds that bring FM into the modern world
  • True 6-Operator FM with vast expansion (“Altered”)
  • 32 voices of polyphony, up to 8-voice unison
  • Five Operator modes: Carrier/Modulator, Wavefolder, Filter, Filter FM, and Ring Modulator
  • 3 stereo effects processors; 30 Effects types
  • 16 Step sequencer with “logue-style” motion sequencing
  • Virtual patch bay for expressive modulation options
  • 37 Full-size keys

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