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Prologue is a fully-programmable, full-featured, professional synthesizer. Preceded by the four-voice polyphonic minilogue and the monophonic monologue, it’s the long awaited debut of the flagship: the prologue.

Prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer equipped with a full-sized keyboard. With powerful analog circuits that are descended directly from the earlier models of the series, together with a newly developed digital multi engine and gorgeous DSP-based effects, prologue expands the variety of sounds and the possibilities for user customization.

The lineup is comprised of two models that cover musicians’ needs for not only stage use, but also studio, home, or touring use: 16-voice 61-key prologue-16, and the eight-voice 49-key prologue-8. These instruments are capable of sounds that go beyond existing analog synthesizers.

    • 8-voice analog synthesizer circuit.

    • Newly developed multi-engine equipped with three types: noise, VPM, and user.

    • High-quality digital effects.

    • Open source software that can be customized by the user.

    • Bi-timbre support.

    • Arpeggiator equipped with a variety of types and range settings.

    • Program Sort allows rapid access to 500 programs.

    • Japanese-made high-quality natural touch keyboard.

    • Tough and stylish body made of aluminum and wood.

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