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The new LEFA pedal is here:


An exact recreation of the mystical Bluebeard Fuzz by Sanford and Sonny. 

A unique fuzz pedal in its category, with a huge amount of bass frequencies and a tone control capable of reaching from the most cavernous and dark sounds to the most shocking highs.

But in the LEFA laboratory we don't stop at just that, that's why we have given it a little twist that we like so much.

The black pots are the classic controls of a standard fuzz pedal, Volume, tone and fuzz, but the blue control is where the magic appears. With the potentiometer all to the right you have the exact recreation of the classic Saford and Sonny pedal and with the control all the way to the left, you have the 100x100 of the Lefa version, with more bass, more mids, less compression and more volume.

Now you come and choose where you want to put the blue control, making the mix you want between the two versions of the circuit.

The options are endless, it all depends on the position of the blue control that you prefer. 50% BB and 50% LA, or 60% BB or 40% LA... All the control of the fuzz world in your hand.

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