On Stage Pop Blocker ASVS6GB

Sale price$33.95


6" plastic hoop, micro-weave black nylon diffuser. Bar clamp secures to shafts up to 7/8" in diameter. 13" Gooseneck.Our improved Pop Blocker connects easily to any mic stand or boom with an "Easy Grip Clamp" and V-shaped bracket attachment that fits onto any shaft up to 7/8" diameter. Includes 6" bar and 13" steel gooseneck.
  • 6" screen reduces undesirable vocal pops and hisses

  • Micro-weave nylon diffuser reduces pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone

  • Base quickly and securely clamps to a mic stand or boom

  • 13" gooseneck for precise positioning and proximity adjustments

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