VOX Hand-Wired 15 Watt Combo; 12" Greenback

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The VOX AC15HW1 uses turret board hand-wiring to ensure an efficient signal path with minimal loss and no restriction in amplitude. All the subtle nuances of the guitarist's touch, the guitar's audio signature, and the natural character of the vacuum tubes are passed with perfect transparency to the speakers.

Turret board hand-wiring; all-tube chassis; premium custom components; Celestion 12" GM Greenback speaker; reinforced Birch-ply cabinet with a natural high-frequency diffuser - it all comes together in the VOX AC15HW1. Designed to satisfy audio purists and amplifier fanatics, the AC15HW1 includes up-to-date features for modern players as well. The Dual Channel design offers a Normal side featuring a tone-boosting Bright switch. The Top Boost channel's Treble and Bass controls can be bypassed using the foot-controllable Cool/Hot mode for extra drive. Master Volume is also bypass-able, the OP mode cuts the output power in half. Includes dust cover and footswitch.

  • Hand-wired, turret board construction; Premium components; Matched Ruby Tubes
  • Birch-ply, reinforced cabinet (with natural HF diffuser); Wrapped in vintage Fawn vinyl
  • Tube complement: 12AX7 (x 3); EL84 (x 2); EZ81 rectifier (x 1); 12" Celestion GM 12 Greenback
  • NORMAL: Volume; Bright Switch; TOP BOOST: Volume, Treble, Bass; Cool/Hot Switch; High & Low inputs
  • MASTER section: Tone Cut knob; Master Volume (with Bypass); Output Power Switch (Full/Half)

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