Vox Bobcat P-90's, Red

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The Bobcat V90 is a semi-hollow body guitar that features two P90 pickups. It has a vintage-inspired design that mostly stays true to the original Italian-made Bobcat guitar, but features some modern improvements.

The Bobcat V90 offers the vintage look and feel of the original Italian-made Lynx guitar, a variation on the original Bobcat. Not only are the finish, aluminum knobs, headstock logo, and pickguard made to fully recreate the vintage look - the two P90 pickups are voiced to recreate the Lynx sound. With a rich range of tonal variation, these pickups have a sound and distinctive appearance that sets them apart from other semi-hollow guitars. In addition, the set neck construction and weight-relieved center block makes the Bobcat V90 comfortable and reliable to play.
  • Semi-hollow guitar with two P90 pickups
  • Set neck construction and weight-relieved center block
  • Modern recreation of classic Italian-made VOX pickups
  • Tune-o-matic bridge and trapeze tailpiece
  • Ebony fretboard provides a soft feel and natural tone

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