Vox Mini Electric Guitar, Red

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The SDC-1 mini is a quality mini electric guitar that gives the same feel and sound as a full-size guitar. Unlike other mini size guitars, the pitch, tension, and tuning of each string is almost the same as a full-size guitar thanks to clever use of heavy gauge strings and ratio tuning machine heads.

The SDC-1 mini uses the scale length from the fifth fret of a standard guitar to the bridge. Chords and fingerings are the same as any guitar because the strings can be tuned to the same pitches a standard guitar. Heavy gauge strings (.052 - .012) have a soft feeling on the short scale neck, and special ratio tuning machine heads give a "full scale" feel for easy, precise playing. The compact size allows you to take this guitar anywhere, making this the perfect guitar for traveling or even just playing in your living room.
  • Lightweight Poplar body
  • 476mm scale Maple neck with Purpleheart fingerboard
  • Mini humbucking pickup
  • Special ratio tuning mechanisms give a “full scale” feel for easy, precise playing
  • Enjoy the same tuning and feel as a full-size guitar
  • Combined with an amPlug, this is the ideal travel guitar.

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