Waldorf Blofeld

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Waldorf Blofeld Digital Synthesizer - White

The Waldorf Blofeld is a truly unique digital synthesizer with all the power of classic Waldorf synths such as the Pulse, Q, and Wave, combined with modern features that allow users to combine those classic sounds with all new sounds to synthesize completely revolutionary new timbres. The Blofeld’s unique synthesis engine is descended from the legendary PPG Wave of the 80s, and its sound is immediately recognizable as a driving force behind countless classic tunes and artists.

  • Includes Analog modelling synthesis, classic wavetables, sample based synthesis
  • Huge detailed screen lets users easily build intricate sounds
  • Compact, slim, elegant desktop module or 49 Key keyboard model
  • USB or 5-pin MIDI control for integrating with keyboards or DAWs
  • Sturdy, all-metal construction in a compact format

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