Waldorf Quantum 1- NIB

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Waldorf’s new Flagship is one MONSTER synth!

Quantum combines the raw power of a classic digital & analog hybrid synthesizers with futuristic sounds that are only possible with today’s intensely programmable softsynths, together in a sleek and accessible user interface designed with the modern synthesist in mind. With a huge, attractive screen, inviting control panel, and top-notch keybed, Quantum is an instant legend in all possible ways.

  • Digital-Analog Hybrid Architecture
  • 61 Key Fatar TP8 Keybed
  • 8 Voices, plus multitimbrality
  • 3 stereo digital oscillators per voice, each capable of four synthesis algorithms
  • Wavetable creation from audio and sample based synthesis
  • Two analogue lowpass filters per voice
  • Visualization and deeper sound editing via multi-touch display
  • Superior key controls, Arpeggiator, and Step Sequencer
  • 6 LFOs and 6 Loopable envelopes with multistage LFO/Env modulator
  • 5 master effects with separate sections for each timbre
  • Internal Memory plus expandable SD slot for firmware and samples
  • Extensive suite of I/O including USB host/device and multiple stereo outs

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