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1960's Kent WC-28 12 String Guitar Pick-Up
1960's Neumann UN61v1960's Neumann UN61v
1960's Neumann UN61v
Sale price$350.00
1960's No Name Classical
1960's No Name Classical
Sale price$275.00
1960's Sherwood Soprano Ukulele1960's Sherwood Soprano Ukulele
1960's Shure 55SW1960's Shure 55SW
1960's Shure 55SW
Sale price$250.00
1960's Silvertone 14811960's Silvertone 1481
1960's Silvertone 1481
Sale price$495.00
1960's Silvertone 319.14609 Semi-Hollow
1960's Silvertone 5-String Closed Back Banjo1960's Silvertone 5-String Closed Back Banjo
1960's Silvertone Archtop Acoustic1960's Silvertone Archtop Acoustic
1960's Silvertone Parlor with Rubber Bridge1960's Silvertone Parlor with Rubber Bridge
1960's SR Parlor Guitar with Rubber Bridge1960's SR Parlor Guitar with Rubber Bridge
1960's Stella Half Size Parlor1960's Stella Half Size Parlor
1960's Stella Half Size Parlor
Sale price$395.00
1960's Teisco Audition Zenon Bass1960's Teisco Audition Zenon Bass
1960's Teisco EJ-31960's Teisco EJ-3
1960's Teisco EJ-3
Sale price$695.00
1960's USA Sunburst Parlor1960's USA Sunburst Parlor
1960's USA Sunburst Parlor
Sale price$280.00
1960's Vox Continental1960's Vox Continental
1960's Vox Continental
Sale price$3,495.00
1960's WEM Guild Copicat1960's WEM Guild Copicat
1960's WEM Guild Copicat
Sale price$800.00
1960's Zim-Gar SS-4D1960's Zim-Gar SS-4D
1960's Zim-Gar SS-4D
Sale price$795.00
1960s Hagstrom II1960s Hagstrom II
1960s Hagstrom II
Sale price$895.00
1960’s Knight 14E Conversion
1960’s Knight 14E Conversion
Sale price$395.00
1961 Gibson GA-8T Gibsonette Tremolo1961 Gibson GA-8T Gibsonette Tremolo
1961 Hofner 1/2 Bass
1961 Hofner 1/2 Bass
Sale price$2,195.00
1962 Fender Princeton Amp1962 Fender Princeton Amp
1962 Fender Princeton Amp
Sale price$3,695.00
1965 Gibson LGO1965 Gibson LGO
1965 Gibson LGO
Sale price$995.00