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Electric Strings, Elixir, 10-46, Front of Package
Electric Strings, Elixir, 11-49, Front of Package
Electric Strings, Elixir, 12-52, Front of Package
Acoustic Strings, Elixir, 12-53, Front of Package
Acoustic Strings, Elixir, 13-56, Front of Package
1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele
1920's Harmony Canoe Banjolele
Sale price$250.00
1920's Open Back Banjolin1920's Open Back Banjolin
1920's Open Back Banjolin
Sale price$450.00
Banjolele with resonator and perloid headstock, verticle
1920’s Banjolele (resonator)
Sale price$340.00
Banjo top and natural wood bottom edge, horizontal
1930's Herringbone closed back Banjolin with F-holes1930's Herringbone closed back Banjolin with F-holes
1940's Santacilla E-Style Mandolin1940's Santacilla E-Style Mandolin
1940's Strad-O-Lin Mandolin1940's Strad-O-Lin Mandolin
1940's Strad-O-Lin Mandolin
Sale price$350.00
Newcomb PA head, silver with dial windows, front view
1940’s Newcomb PA KK-6
Sale price$695.00
Operadio front panel with 3 knobs and on and off switch- front view.Operadio front panel close up of dials and power switchd on
Image Available Upon Request
1950's Gretsch Uke
Sale price$260.00
1950’s Bell Carrilon 35 PA Head1950’s Bell Carrilon 35 PA Head
1950’s Knight PA Conversion1950’s Knight PA Conversion
1950’s Knight PA Conversion
Sale price$495.00
1950’s Knight PA/Guitar Amp Conversion
1950’s Precision Electronics S35 PA Head
1959 Premier Model 1101959 Premier Model 110
1959 Premier Model 110
Sale price$750.00
1960 Airline Town & Country1960 Airline Town & Country
1960 Airline Town & Country
Sale price$995.00
1960's Airline L8071
1960's Airline L8071
Sale price$550.00
1960's Ampeg Jet J-121960's Ampeg Jet J-12
1960's Ampeg Jet J-12
Sale price$950.00

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