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1950’s Knight PA Conversion1950’s Knight PA Conversion
1950’s Knight PA Conversion
Sale price$495.00
1950’s Knight PA/Guitar Amp Conversion
1950’s Precision Electronics S35 PA Head
1960's Danelectro DTR40 2x101960's Danelectro DTR40 2x10
1960's Danelectro DTR40 2x10
Sale price$395.00
1960's Harmony 5-String Banjo1960's Harmony 5-String Banjo
1960's Harmony 5-String Banjo
Sale price$380.00
1960's Harmony Broadway H9541960's Harmony Broadway H954
1960's Harmony Broadway H954
Sale price$450.00
1960's Harmony Stratotone Mercury1960's Harmony Stratotone Mercury
1960's Harmony Stratotone Mercury
Sale price$1,195.00
1960's Harmony Tenor Banjo1960's Harmony Tenor Banjo
1960's Harmony Tenor Banjo
Sale price$350.00
1960's Kay N-15 Archtop1960's Kay N-15 Archtop
1960's Kay N-15 Archtop
Sale price$375.00
1960's Kent Tenor Banjo
1960's Kent Tenor Banjo
Sale price$275.00
1960's Neumann UN61v1960's Neumann UN61v
1960's Neumann UN61v
Sale price$350.00
1960's Sherwood Soprano Ukulele1960's Sherwood Soprano Ukulele
1960's Silvertone 5-String Closed Back Banjo1960's Silvertone 5-String Closed Back Banjo
1960's Silvertone Guitar-Case Amp1960's Silvertone Guitar-Case Amp
1960's Stella H11411960's Stella H1141
1960's Stella H1141
Sale price$380.00
1960’s Knight 14E Conversion
1960’s Knight 14E Conversion
Sale price$395.00
1961 Hofner 1/2 Bass
1961 Hofner 1/2 Bass
Sale price$2,195.00
1965 Epiphone Olympic1965 Epiphone Olympic
1965 Epiphone Olympic
Sale price$2,250.00
1967 Gibson ES-330TDC
1967 Gibson ES-330TDC
Sale price$4,595.00
1968 Coral Kilowatt Head with Ca.1970 Fender 4x12 Cabinet1968 Coral Kilowatt Head with Ca.1970 Fender 4x12 Cabinet
1968 Epiphone Casino E230TD
1968 Epiphone Casino E230TD
Sale price$4,995.00
1968 Fender Telecaster1968 Fender Telecaster
1968 Fender Telecaster
Sale price$7,495.00
1969 Epiphone Cortez F-45 Sunburst1969 Epiphone Cortez F-45 Sunburst
1969 Fender Twin Reverb1969 Fender Twin Reverb
1969 Fender Twin Reverb
Sale price$1,895.00

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